Gesa Schneider

CEO & Co-Founder

Gesa’s vision is to unlock the full potential of the circular economy. Through her work in the 3d printing industry she has learned about the potential of biomaterials. Since then she is writing about their ecological advantages in her blog Circular3d and is dedicated to make the manufacturing of products more sustainable. She gained more than 6 years experiences in sales management & business development in various startups and corporates.

Sebastian Stolzenberg

CTO & Co-Founder

Sebastian is our IT specialist in the simulation of various materials and biomolecular machines (proteins). For many years he’s been specializing in this field in the US (Cornell University) and Germany (Freie Universität Berlin). First experiences with online platforms he gained during his time in New York City as a web developer for the Heidelberg University Association, and now in Berlin as a data scientist and co-founder of Politische Transparenz Deutschland e.V.


Biology is the most advanced manufacturing technology on the planet.

It has the potential in the future to determine what we eat, what we wear, the products we put on our skin and the way we build our physical world.

Our Vision

Plastic pollution is one of the greatest threats to our environment. Every year more than 350 million tons of fossil-based plastic are being produced, often ending up as waste harming our health and environment. We rather want to live in a society that is regenrative by design, using natural materials at their highest value that enable a truly circular economy. Therefore we are developing a digital platform that helps you to find the best sustainable material for your product.

Ecological Advantages

Biobased plastics have the unique advantage over conventional plastics to reduce the dependency on limited fossil resources and to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, biobased plastics can help the EU to meet its targets of greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Other benefits are that bioplastics can be made of by-products and local resources, enabling closed loop material cycles.


Get in Touch with Us

Feel free to contact us for further information about biomaterials, our finder or our business in general. We strongly believe in cooperations and partnerships to shape a more sustainable future.

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